• Name: Dipped nylon66 tyre cord fabric
  • NO.: A023
  • Time: 2016-09-05
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Brief introduction

The dipped nylon tire cord fabrics are a kind of rubber reinforcement materials which are of high strength, good fatigue-proof, perfect property of anti-impact and small strength loss after long time storage. The dipped nylon tire cord fabrics consist of two types----dipped nylon6 tire cord fabric and dipped nylon66 tire cord fabric.

Such fabrics are being widely used in making bias tyre body and buffering layers and cushioning layers of meridian tyres, especially in making tyres of heavy-duty trucks, engineering vehicles, airplanes, field cruising vehicles and tyres used in harsh conditions. The dipped nylon66 tire cord fabric can be used as reinforcement in meridian tyres.


We can supply the various specifications from 840dtex/1 to 1400dtex/3 of nylon tire cord fabrics , if the customer has the special requirement, we can design and produce to meet the customer’s requirement..

Company capacity

The annual capacity is 4000T.


Packed in rolls, about 10MT per 20 foot container.  

Payment terms

L/C at sight or TT.


Specifications of Dipped nylon tire cord fabrics