Mr. Zhang


Manager Speech

After 17 years of trials, Senyu group step by step, only a dozen people from a small company has gradually developed into a conglomerate of chemical fiber, rubber chemicals, rubber reinforcing materials, tires and plastic, such as integrated production and marketing capabilities, has developed become a leader in the field of rubber.
In just ten years, the company on the basis of the original products in the field over a limited continuous development of innovative, technology development and market research, and now has basically formed a chemical fiber, chemical, frame materials, tires and conveyor belts based on five plates a complete industrial structure, specific major plates has formed a relatively complete industrial structure, the company has several factories plied annual throughput of large-scale. From production, the export volume to the sales areas are already quite mature. Meanwhile in the coming years it would still have optimistic prospects for development. As the company's most important business segment, the Group's major product areas have formed a stable customer base and marketing channels, and for many years the main trade products has remained at a high level. While the layout of trade, companies have been adhering to accelerate overseas expansion and increased international investment, it will form a global trading company's central idea, and actively open up overseas markets, with offices in many countries, in response to the growing demand in overseas markets.
In the future, the group will continue, in the original business model based on the reform and innovation, and strive to open up other overseas markets, increasing marketing the diversity of products, while gradually covered logistics, e-commerce, finance and other fields, in addition to now the main area of ​​trade, to really form a multi-industry areas of transnational conglomerate!